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Themes: Dreadpunk

“What we both are. I have run from the darkness for so long… only to find myself in a place darker still. ” -Vanessa Ives, Penny Dreadful What lurks in the shadows around a street corner? What requires eldritch fright to power its cthonian power? Is it the second coming of prophecies long forgotten? Or […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 27: Chevalier Models

Another Lore Episode focused on the fantastical Mecha of the LiTS Universe! This time we discuss the different forms and models of Chevalier! See six examples of the starting models currently in the game as we move forward with design, and learn about the Grades of Chevalier.


DasVlog | Episode 2 – Choose a Side

Time to discuss the stereotypes and problems with forcing people to Choose a Side. I do open up a bit about colorism, but I’ll be honest this episode is mostly about bisexuality / biphobia. We talk about the stereotypes that face men, women, and non-binary who identify as bisexual. Here’s a good comic example: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7037567/what-people-think-being-bisexual-is-like-vs-what-its-really-like […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 22: Diversity

Our latest episode discusses how diversity can be used in storytelling and the strengths it brings. However, we don’t just talk diversity as a concept in expanding racial, gender or sexual orientation representation, but rather having a diverse group of characters. New points of view add to the story and when balanced create different ways […]


What the Sierd is Stem Tek? Part 1

“The power of Psi surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds all as one.” -Old Errant Proverb. The power of Proto-Synergetic Induction is one that only a limited few in the Triad are able to command. Individuals who can command the power of Psi energy are known as “Genics” and are a rare few often considered […]


November ThreeFold Update

In the Age of Spirit, the Goddesses walked the world. Chiefest among their beloved followers were the people of the Shimmering Isles, whom the Goddess of Sea named Wave Riders So grand were the works of the Wave Riders that they built shining cities with grand minarets, with golden and ivory palaces, and farmed spices […]


What Sierd is Avalonic Techonology? Part 1

“We shall become not unlike gods with the power we possess.” -Agathe the Wise, Technologist of the Alchemists Guild The history of the Triad and beyond is driven by infrequent manifestations of technological glory. Some among even the Faeru have often wondered why the technological advancement of the Avalon Cluster has come in such a […]


Walk Between Shadows | Chapter 24 – Resting Up

 DISCLAIMER – This story features images of violence, adult language, and some adult situations. The following story is Copyright © 2015 Padraig O’C. Copying this story without permission from the author is strictly prohibited. A day passed, and the night lingered on. An old saying decries that no rest is gifted to the wicked, and mayhap there […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 13: The Oberonish Faiths

The Oberonish Faiths are the three Great Religions that dwell and threaten the Triad. First among them is the Creed the faith of the Prebyster and his work, the Curmhinn. Next is the Trans-humanist faith, the Deuxian Church. Then the youngest is Itzkachana which desires to united all under its rule.  


Out on Kilohana

A quiet place. A small old plantation house that was built across a long hallway like porch. Screens surrounded the porch to and formed along the edges of a beautiful garden. Tall plants with hornlike branches, and grey bark reached toward a open sky that was clean and without the unruly corruption of man. Ranches […]