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ThreeFold Seer Vol 1 Releases November 16th!

Well over a year ago I started to pen the book that set everything in motion. After years of saying that I would publish a book that dream is finally coming to fruition! It took a while, but finally, I am proud to announce that on November 16th of this year DasWyrd Press will publish its first […]


Themes: High Fantasy

“History often resembles myth, because they are both ultimately of the same stuff.” -J.R.R. Tolkien   At its heart fantasy is about escapism. When we dream of mighty elves battling orcs on the fields of Pelennor in the Return of the King we are walking away from reality and walking into a word of the fantastic. […]


June 2016 Newsletter

The Six Goddesses smile upon you all, and welcome to the June 2016 Newsletter! In the past month there have been some very nice gains for DasWyrd as our projects move forward. We have officially crossed the 3,000 follower threshold on our twitter account and well over 2,000 likes on Facebook. Our presence in other areas […]


DasVlog | Episode 1 – Gender Identity

For the first DasVlog I attempt to discuss the notion of Gender Identity and the diversity of the world. Because of the vastness of human expression I wanted to show the experiences of people and provide greater representation through my writing. For references mentioned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balkan_… – Balkan Sworn Virgins https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-Spirit – Two Spirits of North […]


What the Sierd are Avalonic Starships? Part 1

“Drop to Sail-shift and prepare to fire.” The Avalonic Starship is a thing of terror, beauty, and over-wrought elegance. A recreation of ancient sailing vessels that once plied the seas of Elys and Aru. These combinations have changed over time as the need for design and defense have further evolved the ongoing standardization of solar […]


Walk the Crossroads | Episode 18: Threefold Dec 2015

Writing the first Volume of Threefold Seer has been a long and fun challenge to undertake, but the initial writing is over and its time to move forward! This week in WtC we discuss the foundation of the Shattered Crescent, and the future of Threefold universe.  


What the Sierd is the Shattered Era?

We war with ourselves, like a cancer it grows, till we shall all die with impunity. -Alcaen Philosopher, Robert du LeFaye The opening of the Shattered Era began with the fulfillment of the creation of Synethic Life, the eventual rebellion of the Homunculi against the Faeru. The wars that preceded the rebellion itself would lead […]


Review: The Grace of Kings

 He felt, in a way that he not explain, that he was meant to live more than the life he was living, destined to one day soar high into the air like these dandelion seeds, like the kite rider he had seen long ago. -Ken Liu, the Grace of Kings The story of ancient China; […]


LiTS Anecdotes | Prisoner

Darkness. Darkness greeted the vision of the prisoner, as the a deep sense of grim reality fell upon them. They had been kept within the depths of the dungeon for more than a year. Wires ran along the floor as the prisoner tried to open their eyes, and could not. They were locked within their […]