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Themes: Steampunk

Fires, flood and earthquake will be conquered and controlled. We are the ones who shall bring the power of science to all humanity like a shimmering gift of God! -Edward, Steamboy tWhat would the world be like if we still used steam power, and strove to advance science in that vain? What if the world […]


DasWyrd – Future Projects List

Hello everyone! This is me, Padraig O’C aka “ShadowedSin” and with my upcoming move to the United Kingdom. This is to establish a rough veritable timeline of projects for the next few years to allow the DasWyrd team to get its feet wet and slowly move into creating a development schedule. This is to help […]


What the Sierd is the Second Imperial Era?

I am the Lord of all the Stars! It is my voice that carries the dominion over all worlds and colonies! It is -my- will that sculpts the destiny of over a billion souls. -Not- some spider weaving a web of lies! ~Emperor Atreus Ulgan, The Mad The second Dynastic Era would begin with the […]


What the Sierd is the Shattered Era?

We war with ourselves, like a cancer it grows, till we shall all die with impunity. -Alcaen Philosopher, Robert du LeFaye The opening of the Shattered Era began with the fulfillment of the creation of Synethic Life, the eventual rebellion of the Homunculi against the Faeru. The wars that preceded the rebellion itself would lead […]