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Founding an Imprint

School is just around the corner as the second and final semester at Brookes approaches. Sure there is a lot of work to be done between the months of June and September; and I’ll need all that time to achieve the major project before me. It feels kind of strange in a way, but I’ve […]


November Update on the Frontlist

Two months ago we published a projected front list for our future imprint (that’s our publishing house 😀 in Publisher Lingo), and so far things are a bit behind. Most of this has had to deal with a few minor setbacks, and none of them luckily are related to the writing of Threefold Seer (which is at […]


Forming DasWyrd – Development Update

Artemis to you all Wyrdkind, and welcome to a simple news update! Instead of my usual rambling blog I will be posting a update now and then which will include information about many of the background projects I am working on! Today I will be discussing DasWyrd (That Fate super roughly in German) a production […]


Editing Class Begins!

So I have recently started a small non-credit editing class over at Simon Fraser University online. It is a very interesting class, and I have to say that so far I am liking the new Canvas system compared to the old Blackboard software. From what I have gathered so far from the class readings the […]