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What the Sierd is the Shattered Era?

We war with ourselves, like a cancer it grows, till we shall all die with impunity. -Alcaen Philosopher, Robert du LeFaye The opening of the Shattered Era began with the fulfillment of the creation of Synethic Life, the eventual rebellion of the Homunculi against the Faeru. The wars that preceded the rebellion itself would lead […]


What the Sierd is Tek?

The Knights Imperial could unleash the power of lightning, fire and the spirits of the dead. Such terrible and wonderful powers now reside in today’s Errants, Star-Gods have mercy upon us all. -Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk The Imperial Archives tell stories of Genics who would training and strange archaic surgery could wield power […]


Who the Sierd are Genics?

 Some say the Knights imperial could wield magic, Star-Gods to Honest magic! Lightning, and even the divine light of the holy ones themselves! Then they were gone, and we got them witches, the Genics instead. -A Commoner on Genics The power of the mind, and the ability to manipulate the energies of the body are […]