A Brief History (Amazones)

The Steppe The people known as the Amazones descended thousands of years ago from wandering tribes that once dwelt in the Tarim basin. When their ancestors first spread out into the basin from the Altai mountains, the Amazones took to the Horse and slowly intermingled with the Scythian tribes of the Great Steppe. Their name Amazon comes from an ancient word Kaɲkazaran referring to the warriors who road into battle for their leading chiefs. It was not until the Trojan War Era however that the Amazones would unite under the ruling Warrior-Queens and settle what is now the Crimean Peninsula (once called Cimmeria).   Amazonia The Amazon Nation (Tan Reishu Aɲazonisdonri) was founded in the lands of Thrace during the later years of the Classical Era. Led by a series of Warrior-Queen Dynasties throughout the rise of the Delian League in the later centuries BCE. It was the time of Alexander the Great in which the Amazones would show their fierce martial combat as mercenaries. Before then their tenacity was legend in the infamous Amazonachies against Athens after the Trojan War. Amazonia was ruled from the holy city of Theɲishkyra said to hold the grand Templte of Artemis, and the Totem Spirits. When Rome invaded Thrace the Amazones put up a blood resistance which ended with the subjugation of the Clans, and the Sacking of Theɲishkyra in the second century CE. Although they become nothing more than legend ever afterward, the Amazones built a culture of equestrian mastery, bowmanship,and martial arts.   Modern Amazones The Modern Clans were birthed from the diaspora which resulted from the fall of the ancient lands of the Amazon Nation. Spread throughout the world, and without unified rule the Amazones hid their culture; their language; and their religion from outside world. Relegated to living myth the Modern Amazones created several enclaves with the spread of colonists to the new world, and later intermarried with local peoples. To this day they still speak their language, and practice their own faith, but live in a multitude of family bloodlines, and Clans spread throughout the world with their own cultures.