A New Chapter On Life


A New Chapter On Life

Whoa, its done. The GRE is completely, and utterly done. That morning was just an ongoing series of sleeping; staring at computer screens; and then spending time with my uncle. It was a fun day outside of taking a test I’ve silently come to abhor. i say the words abhor mostly because it was like any test you study for in the modern context. Study for it hard, and then you find out that a good portion of the test has nothing to do with what you studied. Here I was memorizing math, and a good amount of the information I was studying for turned out to be useless. I hate to say it, but I should have spent more time locating a student’s guide rather than dumping money into the one they provided.

However, that is all done. No more focus on the GRE! With one dragon down, another approaches. Or as they say in 300, “A beast approaches”. This is in regard to the launch of my upcoming Patreon Campaign which has deservedly being driving me bonkers on a low level. I say low because there is no stress over it on a grand scale. I’m accomplishing what I can, when I can. yet, an underlining sense of frustration keeps permeating from every little obstacle that lands in my way. The other night I filmed my entire opening Patreon video in three parts on my Galaxy s4, and now I have to wait (like most people) for the information to upload so i can then edit it into an appropriate video. Its just time that I could have spent on more things.

Well such is life right? If thse situations were remotely easy there would be no need at all for tests to exist. What doesn’t kill you as the ancient (as the dead horse goes) addage says, makes you stronger. So its time to enter a new chapter on life. I have an interview with Oxford, and I am waiting on replies from the other colleges. Lets be be frank, I did a lot off work, with a lot of great people. But I was also in the past taking on commitments which were purely voluntary, and in the long run would only serve a limited capacity. When I stepped away from these commitments, I walked away with long term friendships, but an understanding of what I could achieve.

Now that I have committed myself to a degree, its time to take that drive and show people that I can do what I said. I can create the following, and produce content that people want to see -and- enjoy. Wow, I just really laid on thick that self-determination (with slight hints of narcissism for good measure *joking*), it feels weird when I’m this confident. Like Zeus, Odin, or some other deity with strike me down for my pride. That is the sense I get when things go my way most of the time. But all that fear of possibility aside. This is a new chapter in my life.

Patreon goes life live this Friday, that being tomorrow, and we see the launch of the Nyla Clarkson storyline! I will be releasing it with the Prologue and Chapter 1 here on my site. In addition it may go live on a few other sites. More information to come on the release tomorrow!