A New Story Around the Bend


A New Story Around the Bend

My lovely stay in Kilohana, on Maui has finally come to an end. After ten days on that wonderful Island, I’ve slowly spent time working on a new novel idea. This one was just something I’ve wanted to write, but the problem was I didn’t have a name for it. I’m a bit weird in that I do not like to write a story without some kind of story attached to it in a many ways. I usually sit and let the ideas percolate for a while before I move forward. The story when it forms in my brain is linked to how I describe it. This is how I named Arrow Child, and Weeping Skies.

The muse and inspiration for a story usually comes to me in a flash of mental images in the back of my head. Usually this comes with visual inspiration such as a show (lots of anime in that list for idea givers), or simply just staring off into space. When I was off in Maui I spent a lot of time just thinking about the history of the Island itself, and the various regions found across it. Just visiting Lahaina really gave off a vibe of the more touristy part of the island along the north-western side of the island. Lahaina set the stage, as did the small town of Makawao and the cane fields that grew in great quantities across the upland regions between the two mountain ranges of Maui.

I think it was when I first watched out across the high parts of Haleakala (House of the Sun in Olelo Hawai’i). I paged through a book on the society of Ancient Hawai’i. Later that week I scanned through the history of the islands, and Kamehameha. After visiting a winery where King Kalakaua once held grand hula dances, and seeing the last place of free Maui got me thinking. I’ve been thinking of writing a new Nyla Clarkson Novel, and a few other things. I’m currently sitting on not only another Agaera Novel, but another new setting. That one will however, have to wait for a while as I think about it.

However, as inspiration goes, I have muse now for a novel. One that I’ve been itching to put into type. The time it took to come up witht he name though was a while. I spent most of my time while my sister got a tattoo in Paia, to bounce a few name ideas off her fiance, Anthony. After a few ideas including Fool Fated Fury (yes I know stupid one right?), I settled on Driftwood Soul.


Why that name?

So why Driftwood Soul? Well beside the fact my sister was swimming a lot and going into a deep areas where her fiance was a bit freaked (he’s super new to swimming). The idea came from the amorphous plot of the story I’ve been wanting to tell since the end of Walk Between Shadows. In the previous book we learned a bit about the Fae, and how their society worked. But there are more than Fae who dwell in the Broken Land. Agaera is  a world of conspiracy, and shadow war. The Fae are merely one dangerous aspect of magic found there.

Driftwood Soul will refer to Nyla’s upcoming trials to expand upon who she is, and it will also refer to a major new player in Nyla’s life. One who was introduced in the previous novel. A girl I call Hoku! But that’s all I am going to say for now. I plan to start on the new novel this week and have it completely by sometime in May if I can. Other than than work on Land in the Stars will be continuing as usual!