April 2017 Newsletter


April 2017 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2017 closes quietly and the first six months of the sale of our first book comes close to its ending. Compared to March, April is going to be a month of major in-person events, and much more! On April 29th we will be at WWU participating in a one-day comic convention held by the local queer club. We’ll be there to sell some books, discuss our next project, and just get the word out about DasWyrd as indie LGBT centric imprint! Other than that we are in talks to hold a book reading on a local island (Lummi Island) and once a date is set it will be announced here on our website!

Second quarter 2017 will be a slow build of momentum as projects continue to move forward. We are still hoping to eventually launch Land in the Stars as in an active soft alpha test. Other than that our focus will be on building our market base for our current publication and reaching out to existing fans.


Queer Con!

We have yet to do a big convention event and WWU’s will be the first major event we have attended. It’s a big step for our community, and we are super psyched for it! After this, we’ll be pricing future events to attend in and around WA and possibly other states in the future.


March Link Round-Up

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April Articles!

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