April 2018 Newsleter


April 2018 Newsleter

April has come, and it has come on a sad note. This last month has been quite stressful as a friend of mine passed away in the last few weeks and the stress of the loss has hit me hard. This has coincided with an increase in my hormone dosage and I think it’s causing a steady building sense of change. I hope to maybe channel some of these feelings deeper and deeper into my works. When in doubt do something constructive, right? I think this coming week I want to delve deeper and deeper into ending ThreeFold Volume 2. Next, I plan on tackling a few of things I have wanted to get done in the past month.

One of the issues I have faced when experience at times leave me constantly drained and lacking ambition. I don’t want to really do anything (which is part of having depression). But, with a little determination, I should be able to direct these feelings into something constructive.


ThreeFold Seer

Work on the second book is, as usual, going a little slow but is progressing. I still need to sketch out the ending to the book so that it can set up book three as the finale of the first arc of the series. As the series progresses there are key elements of the books that need to expand and others that need to end. One of the major parts of the books, the overall plot is good, I know how the books will end in arc 2 and how it will open arc 3. The first arc roughly has a point where I need a major change to the world itself.

One of the bigger resolutions of the story, the power of the goddesses, and their aims are locked in. A few elements such as Ifsii are proving to be more difficult. I definitely would like to end the life of one or two villains, and possibly add new ones as new lands are explored.


Land in the Stars

LITS is proving to be one of those projects which are going to take a lot of further refinement to make it more accessible to a larger audience. I believe some of the issues are really just a lot to take in, and the amount people have to condense to make a character. One of the gates is the amount of lore that sits on the site and while removing all of it would cause a lot of problems. Honestly, people like the lore, and it provides a lot of neat background details to play with.

The other issue is finding a way to make it so people do not get overwhelmed when they move to make a character. It has been somewhat accessible and reviews have found nothing wrong with the site.  We’re simplifying aspects of the character sheet and hopefully will be making character creation much more streamlined.