Arrow Child Update


Arrow Child Update

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since I posted an update on Arrow Child, but its about time to give some information on what’s been going on as of late. The main issue for the past few months has been finding an editor for the manuscript as I also search for beta readers. Both of trials have proven quite difficult. Luckily, I have revised plans for the novel and here they are.

For the past few months I have been an active member of, and a few other websites. I have used these connections to slowly seek out a possible editor, with still a lot of work a head of me. Editing is a long expensive process friends. A tough road it has been, and so far not really someone who fits. So with that in mind I placed up a bid on as I contacted a few other people. With my college application looming I need to get quite a bit done.


The Plan

I will be hiring an editor to conduct a development edit, and proofread if possible for the first three parts of Arrow Child. These chapters will then be uploaded here as samples so you can all see this book I’ve been working on. I will then likely have to crowd fund the rest as money in real life is not easy these days (I’m working a part-time job to leave time for class preparation).

If I can find an editor, then things will hopefully move along a tad faster!

Anyway hopefully the first few chapters of the book will be up for example reading later this month! For now, the Spirits watch over you!

Art by Jortagul