August 2016 Newsletter


August 2016 Newsletter

Hello, again Wyrdkin! DasWyrd Press’ work continues as we forge ahead with the eventual release of our first novel. We have yet to set a specific release date, but we are currently aiming for Mid-November. Why we haven’t set a hard date yet is mostly all the work going into my last minute work for Oxford Brookes University.

A Month In Review


An Early form of Paola Tuazon’s work on the internal pages for ThreeFold Seer: Those Apart.

Compared to the previous month, a lot happened over July. This last month we completed work on a few things and started moving forward.

  • Work on the Elementalist form of Tek has been completed and we are steadily continuing work on the lore of Land in the Stars.
  • The Alpha forum design for Land in the Stars is complete, and the game is ready for the alpha which will begin sometime in September.
  • We ran another survey for the book with almost 60 responses, and so far we are happy with the information we are getting on the book itself.
  • We have about finalized the ebook and paperbark prices for Those Apart, they will be released publically when the site updates in September.
  • There will be a hardback edition of the book, and I have completed the commission write up. It is being done by the same artist who did our other cover piece, Lin Hsiang.
  • Typesetting for the book, in general, is about complete, we need to make a few refinements. The cover itself for the paperback is done and ready for printing!

Packing and Moving

My tie in Oxford is coming to an end, which means I will be steadily packing up my belongings before moving back to the States. This means a crunch time which may affect the content coming out this month. I have a friend visiting for about a week this coming month which means a change in focus. There will still be updates and work, but it will be slowed for that period of time.

Another big obstacle arriving will be moving out of my flat. By the 25th of August, I am essentially evicted as my lease here in the UK ends and I have to make my way home. I travel home on the 1st of September so I will be traveling back to the united states. In that time I need to break down, clean and prepare my flat so I can retain my damage deposit. This will impede some of the work as the transition between the UK and the US begins. I hope to get more of the outlining for the next book completed while spending time building up a stronger corps of readers than this last year. We had two strong readers this year, but we need more to accomplish the feedback necessary to edit more than one novel in a full year!


Supplementary Materials

Part of the upcoming release will be the eventual release of supplementary material. Most of this will be media such as backgrounds and other options. We want to build a fandom from our content, and we hope to curate it in a fashion to appeals to our fans. Part of that will include the eventual launch of documents that feature the languages of the Crescent. When this is released and how extensive it will be will depend on the interest in the book.