August 2017 Newsletter


August 2017 Newsletter

August has come! And already our newsletter is a bit late and I’m sorry about that. I moved to another town just a half hour south of my previous home, and I’m still setting things up to restore full DasWyrd operations. For now, however, it’s time to talk about the future and some big upcoming life changes (for me) coming up in the future.


July Article Round-Up


Articles This Month

  1. Darker Dungeons: The Kingdom
  2. Themes: The Weird West
  3. What the Sierd are Errants?


From Padraig to Quinn

I use to be Padraig and I’m still using that as my pen name, but I’m gonna be changing my official name to Quinn soonish. I’m transgender, came out a few months ago and I’ve been on HRT just during that time. In October I’ll be busy with some possible laser hair removal and that’s about it. In that time work on stuff like LITS and the books will slow down, but I do plan on making a final push to finish things up.


Hiatus on Book 2

For now, the Fierce One’s writing is on semi-hiatus as I adjust to my new life and day job. Work will be continuing steadily for the next few months. My writing muse has decided to vacate my mind for the time being and has made it difficult to continue. I plan on finishing the novel’s manuscript in november if I’m unable to make a push in early fall. This means I’ll be going rogue during NaNoWriMo to complete things. This means a possible late winter 2018 release of the second novel.

The series of changes this last season has been overwhelming including a change of day jobs and moving to an entire new town. I hope to see the next book published through and to increase awareness of the DasWyrd fandom for future projects.