August 2018 Newsletter


August 2018 Newsletter

August arrived without too much notice, and I must apologize for the lateness of the newsletter this month. This year alone has proven greatly taxing and it has at times making it difficult to gain the motivation to work on the blog let alone projects related to the blog itself. The goal of completing the book by the end of Summer are partially on track with Chapters 23-25 complete since June, and Chapter 27 is on its way to being written. While I have shown a much higher capacity of writing in the past, I have found myself typing less and less over the years. Truth be told, I am not entirely sure what has led to the problem, but I can say it has been related to the start of my transition.

For many years I have suffered from a hormone imbalance which resulted in a lack of serotonin in my brain chemistry. This is where a lot of real-world worry, stress, and anxiety can just overpower me. I lose all will to write, and nothing comes to mind. There are other times where I’ll simply stop and spend forever thinking over an idea before finally putting words to type. Really, it’s quite annoying and can lead to ongoing near fugue states.

But in the end, it makes the work accomplishments on the book much sweeter and the thought I put into developing the series feel far more worth it in the end.


World Building The Crescent

One of the greatest means of relaxing for me is simply to make thing sup. Developing the vast complex mythology of the Crescent and its many gods, half-gods, spirits and much more. My aim for this world is to breath just enough life into it so that when people read about it they are taken away to another world. I know, its corny, cliche almost of me to seek such a thing, but I want my writing to be an escape. So my mind often can spend hours if not days running through images and concepts. One reason my Pinterest for DasWyrd is so massive with perhaps more than twenty individual boards is the images serve as ideas, connective thoughts and much more. I consider Pinterest to be a repository of concepts, inspiration and much more stored for later.

There is a lot of information already present on the world of ThreeFold Seer, and it’s expanded every time I turn thoughts into type. The issue though is simple enough I haven’t had enough time to consider the complexities of the world I am building. Finally, I am eking bits of information that will steadily bleed into the writing of each and every chapter of the book itself.


The Gods and their Ilk

The greatest aim of this summer’s work has been the final expansion of the mythology and cosmology of the Shattered Crescent. I have written a little about the Goddesses and who they are, and their history is actively revealed in the interlude pieces showcased between each part of the books. The Book of the ThreeFold Quotes reveal just a little more and even sketch out the more complete legends of the world itself. But what is important however is actually laying out the full structure of the world’s cosmology. What each and every god represents; what are their agendas; and how have their decisions shaped the world.

There are more than just the Six Goddesses as there are the three Half-Gods. Each and every one of collectively make up the clan known as the “Woisinjii” who claim descent from a mystical ‘old home’ in the heavens. Then there are their servants and allies who all have their own tribes, clans and much more. There is, even more, waiting beneath the surface of the mortal realm. Greater threats which will be revealed and preparing for age old feuds to be reawakened.