ThreeFold Seer Vol 1: Those Apart

A New Generation must mend the wings of the Nightingale!

In the Shattered Crescent, Shaman command the elements, speak to animals, and commune with Spirits. The most powerful of them all were the Seers, but seventy years ago, they were murdered.
Now three unlikely souls are about to find their lives changed forever. A Prince wishing to be their true self; a Whale-Rider born of a broken past; and a Shaman’s apprentice seeking adventure. Immortal witches hunt them, and kings demand their blood. All the while their destiny remains clouded in conspiracy. Only the Threefold power of the Seers can unmake the tragedy committed years before.

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What People Have Said:

“Pros: -Realistic and respectful representation of the LGBTQA+ community -LGBTQA+ characters are well written and not defined by their sexuality or gender identity -Racially diverse -Incredibly immersive -Who doesn’t love a book with a map in it? Cons: -Starts off fairly slow -The character names and politics of the world are difficult to keep straight at first If you want a book to take you to a different world entirely Those Apart is perfect for you. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!” -Bri on Kobo “When it comes to adventure stories set in a fantasy world with characters that are thought provoking and well expressed, this book will be a recommendation from my side. Tying up elements (hah!) of the story so neatly and each chapter fluently moving along the narrative, I liked it! Kudos to the writer and yes, I am waiting for the next one!” -Ishani on Good Reads

Book Information

Publication Date: November 16th, 2016
First in the ThreeFold Nightingale Trilogy

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  • Paperback R.R.P: $9.99 USD / £7.99 GBP
  • Ebook R.P.P: $6.99 USD / £5.99 GBP

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