Future Projects

At DasWyrd we have a plethora of ideas, and stories ready to be told. We just cannot release them all at once! Below are a few of the worlds, and franchises we hope to launch in the future!   Codex-of-Amazonia by CatsohoriOver a Thousand years ago the Amazones emerged from the Eurasian Steppe and carved a nation out of the warring tribes of Dacia (now Bulgaria and Eastern Greece) then on they created a martial society where women, not men, were the leaders and warlords who led the clans. Only centuries later the grand nation would be devoured by the Empire of Rome. Now in the modern day, Amazones to one day united again and recreate their beloved nation. Yet, a deadly conspiracy of corporate greed and ancient grudges threatens to destroy any hope of Amazonia’s return.   Arcs in this series: Amazonian Soul Trilogy:
  • Arrow Child
  Age-Of-SkySailThe Sands of Time wear away all who attempt to defy them. When the ancient Islands of Diatha sank beneath the SkySea, all of Loakz’ala wept. Now well over a thousand years have passed and the dream of Imperium is ripe in the West of the floating Isles. In the far east were once the Maharaj held court, invasion, and colonization have come to the lands known as Prava. There a young orphan girl with a streak of red hair, and hated as “djinn-born” shall unlock the mystery of sleeping gods, and mad-kings.   Arcs in this series: The Sky-Father
  • Weeping Skies
  • Insurgent Skies
  Agaera is a world of broken magic, and modernity. Its the modern world which means everything is ruled not by the fantastical land of elves, and orcs, but the typical politics of humans. Sky rises, country rednecks, and good old fashioned problems facing everyone. That is Agaera, or as the magical Fae call it “The Broken Land”. Here is where Changelings or those who are Half Mortal and Fae act as mediators, middle men, and in-betweens.   Arcs in this series: Nyla Clarkson Novels
  • Walk Between Shadows
  • Driftwood Soul
  Silver Bough
  • Cruarch’s Mirror
  Stories sing of Sea, Stone, and Sky; of three Goddess who made the world known as the Shattered Crescent and made the three Peoples of that world. The emissaries of the Goddess were the Shaman, powerful magic users who could speak the word of beasts; feel the living currents of mana that ebb throughout all things; and commune with the spirits of the Isles. Greatest were the Seers, the voices of the divine who kept the balance between the three Peoples. Seventy years ago though a vicious Warlord from the Skybound Kingdoms slew the living Seers and broke their ancient bloodlines. Now as an era known a the Torn Age rages across the Crescent the Goddess bestow their blessing on a new Generation of Seers. Can these new god-blessed youngsters save their world? Or will they be consumed by the same greed as those who murdered their predecessors?   Arcs in this series: Nightingale Trilogy
  • ThreeFold Seer Vol 1. – Those Apart
  • ThreeFold Seer Vol 2. – The Fierce One
  • ThreeFold Seer Vol 3. – The Songbird