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The Path to Alpha – LITS

Land in the Stars has been in the works for more than three years now. First, it was a lengthy timeline with races added over time and evolving system. Hours upon hours of research into existing fandoms to help understand it’s future. Every move and written article expanded the world and the universe that is […]


DasVlog | Episode 5: Cultural Appropriation

It’s time to discuss a problem that is still hotly debated in society, that of cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is a sticking point for many as there is a fear of preventing creativity, but in many ways this problem isn’t about creativity, it is about theft. This particular episode primarily focuses on the appropriation of […]


DasVlog | Episode 5: Shamanpunk

After a small hiatus we return with the latest Episode of DasVlog! This time we talk about Shamanpunk, the primary sub-genre which DasWyrd is using to describe our debut novel, Those Apart. This video is less about more and more about the inspiration and thought behind the new genre.


DasVlog | Episode 4: Representation

Let’s increase diversity in multimedia, and in mass media in general! This matters so much because representation means a lot to people who are not seeing themselves represented in the media. Often times when people do see POC or women they are relegated to stereotypes. The Sassy Black Woman; the Hot Latin Dancer; the Blond […]


DasVlog | Episode 3 – Bury Your Gays

We as fans deserve better, and we as creators should do better. Bury Your Gays much like Fridging is one of those problematic tropes that are just becoming archaic. If this is truly the golden age of scripted television, then it is time to seriously take a look at how we write stories! From losing […]


DasVlog | Episode 2 – Choose a Side

Time to discuss the stereotypes and problems with forcing people to Choose a Side. I do open up a bit about colorism, but I’ll be honest this episode is mostly about bisexuality / biphobia. We talk about the stereotypes that face men, women, and non-binary who identify as bisexual. Here’s a good comic example: […]


DasVlog | Episode 1 – Gender Identity

For the first DasVlog I attempt to discuss the notion of Gender Identity and the diversity of the world. Because of the vastness of human expression I wanted to show the experiences of people and provide greater representation through my writing. For references mentioned:… – Balkan Sworn Virgins – Two Spirits of North […]