Crescent Tongue (Relo Skeinaa)

Rausinie tsai taulii mau naa ziikatyuu.
Divine watch over me.
-Highland Prayer
There are numerous languages and dialects spoken across the scattered islands that make up the Shattered Crescent. But, one of the most widely spoken and one considered to be one of the “Three Scholarly” languages of the Crescent as a whole.

History of the Language

The mother of all languages in the Crescent is Spirit Cant, a language used by the Goddesses to build the world, and to structure the society of the earliest tribes of the three peoples. From this language was born Old Crescent Tongue which thrived on the central islands for many years until the fall of the Waverider Civilization. When this event occurred (which Skybound Scholars call the Inokanii Mazknan-do or “Cleansing Divine Storm of Wrath”) a large contingent of survivors flooded the islands where Modern Sk’eeo is spoken to this day. This is when loanwords such as l’engai (Harpoon-Spear) and others entered the language.
As the migration of refugees settled it created a political and linguistic divergence between the three major regions. Lowlanders or simply “Skybound” used the language of Sk’eeo while the native peoples of the north who had a much smaller influx became the Clouded Mountain Tribe. The Highlanders who consider themselves to be the purest of the Crescent folk, the Ilii Sk’eeotarie, The People of the Crescent. 

Forms and Dialects

  • Relo Skeinaa – The Tongue of the Crescent, the standardized written form used for classical writing, poetry, and debate.
  • Sk’eeo – The common speech of the Ilii Raami, the Skybound people.
  • Skheeo – Language of the Iljaa Ɲaungee At’araetie, the Clouded Mountain Tribe.
  • Sgeeo – The common dialect spoken by the Highland Kiths who call themselves the Ilii Sk’eeotarie, the Tribe of the Crescent.

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