Current Projects

  At DasWyrd we see ourselves as content curators! We are charged with creating content that interests our fans and expands our diverse brands. DasWyrd just doesn’t want to create entertainment for people we want to create stories that reverberate with the lives of our community. The treatment of LGBT and PoC characters in mass media has long caused a sense of disenfranchisement we hope to avoid!  

Oak Cross

Oak Cross is our current primary meta-franchise made up of several different book series, and future projects. Nine worlds all linked through common mythology and intrigue! From the scattered Shamanpunk filled world of the Crescent to the Mecha Knights of Land in the Stars!  

Das Blog

Our blog features multiple different articles from discussion on genre writing to the lore of the worlds we create!
  • What the Sierd? – Our lore entry blog focused on the stories of our ever-expand universe, Oak Cross!
  • Themes – We discuss modern themes in writing from pulp fiction to the usage of disability in characters.
  • Sketch – A summary of a beloved character from one of our projects created by our staff, or by a player in our online RPG.


We do not claim to know everything about social awareness, but through our words we hope we can add to the growing trend of giving power to unheard voices. Every month DasVlog tackles a new issue of ideology, mass media, and society in general.  

Walk the Crossroads | Podcast

If you are an avid lore lover, or simply just want to learn through listening; our podcast takes listeners through the complicated worlds of Oak Cross! Check back monthly for monthly updates on game design, writing, and the lore of Oak Cross itself.  

Land in the Stars

A Play-By-Post RPG set in a vast complex universe of competing interstellar Noble Houses, and a dying Empire. Players take on the role of retainer or member of each House while shaping the very destiny of the Land in the Stars itself.