DasWyrd – Future Projects List


DasWyrd – Future Projects List

Hello everyone! This is me, Padraig O’C aka “ShadowedSin” and with my upcoming move to the United Kingdom. This is to establish a rough veritable timeline of projects for the next few years to allow the DasWyrd team to get its feet wet and slowly move into creating a development schedule. This is to help us in future with our ongoing projects and also allow me to write the necessary bits as time goes!

So without further ado here are our working projects for the next few years:


Land in the Stars is the epic Play-By-Post game, and novel setting I have been developing for over a year. Right now the PBP game for the forum is proceeding well with a nice wiki filled with lore, and basic forums up. Its in closed Alpha Testing however as the community builds. Within the next few months we will be unveiling new DasWyrd art, done by our in-house art team member, Andrea Khoo aka Silk, who will be doing much of the art for our future endeavors.

A landing page for LiTS will be live sometime in early September along with a chat open to all guests. In October we hope to have a full working synopsis portfolio working so those interested can learn more about the game! The game should be reaching final release by the end of 2017.


Announced under the working name “Of Sea, Stone, and Sky“, ThreeFold Seer is the new major project for the next year. This series will be a bit different than previous creations by myself and the DasWyrd team. We hope to have the first volume “Those Apart” released by the end of 2016. So expect some updates within the next few weeks! A large of dump information should hit around October!

Upcoming Titles:

  • ThreeFold Seer Vol 1. – Those Apart > Fall 2016
  • ThreeFold Seer Vol 2. – The Fierce One > Fall 2017
  • ThreeFold Seer Vol 3. The Songbird > Fall


Codex-of-Amazonia by Catsohori

Codex of Amazonia is the new name for the “Amazon Diaspora” and refers to the series of novels that detail the rise and fall of modern Amazonia. These novels including my first finished novel, Arrow Child, the epic itself is so long that it will take a while to process. We hope to seriously attack and have Arrow Child published by 2017! The novel’s sequel is already started and an outline planned.

Upcoming Titles:

  • Arrow Child > Spring 2017
  • Successor’s Gamble > Fall 2019


Agaera, the Broken Place, or earth as we call it. The Agaera novels were released with the debut piece, Walk Between Shadows, this last year on my website. Its success so far has garnered enough attention and helped slowly gain interest in the work that I and the DasWyrd team can do. We hope to continually publishing new novels for Nyla Clarkson and other novels in the coming years. If enough support can be garnered for ThreeFold Seer Volume One we will likely be republishing Walk Between Shadows officially.

Upcoming Titles

  • Walk Between Shadows > Republished Hopefully in early 2017
  • Driftwood Soul > Free Availability by Late 2016
  • Cruarch’s Mirror > Spring 2018



The Age of SkySail series has been in the works for years and has been on hiatus for a while. After much of the work on other projects I would like to complete the first two novels in the series! Afterward I would love to begin to publish them as SkySail is one of the more original fantasy pieces I’ve developed in the past few years. If possible I would likely publish them like the Agaera Novels on my site for free and then if enough interest is gained to republishing officially as part of the DasWyrd line-up.

Upcoming Titles:

  • Weeping Skies > Fall 2018
  • Insurgent Skies > Winter 2019


Fully Development Chronology

  • 2016 – ThreeFold Seer Vol 1. / Driftwood Soul
  • 2017 – ThreeFold Seer Vol 2. / Arrow Child / Land In The Stars (Soft Release)
  • 2018 – Cruarch’s Mirror / Weeping Skies
  • 2019 – Insurgent Skies / Successor’s Gamble 
  • 2020 – ThreeFold Seer Vol 3.