About Us


Mission Statement

Everyone in our world makes choices and take actions that define who they are. Through action there is consequence, and in totality, stories are born. We at DasWyrd seek to nurture, refine, and galvanize a generation of storytellers and creators to seek greater diversity in their work. We choose to define ourselves as an independent press who seeks to hand ownership of creative material back to the authors while building quality material for our readers and fans. DasWyrd takes a proactive approach in broad communication and collaboration. We are a Publishing House that promotes diversity of ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and religious identity. Humanity is a vast sea of potential, and we will use that potential to produce not only quality but help our authors to pen truly engaging stories.  

Who We Are

DasWyrd is an independent publishing house founded upon morals of diversity and inclusivity. Our team and staff are created from long-standing friendships which we use to form the foundation of our future endeavors. To us, collaboration and communication are key in the telling of stories; and that is why we are here, to tell stories.  

Primary Staff

The staff of DasWyrd are from different walks of life, but we all share a common love for storytelling.
  • Padraig O’C (Sin) – Editor-in-Chief, Author and Creator of the Oak Cross IP.
  • Jay Varjassy (Zin) – Administrative Editor, Community Administrator.
  • Andrea K (Silk) – Art and Design Director.