Establishing Rules – World Building


Establishing Rules – World Building

Hello everyone, today I would like to discuss the idea of Universe Rules or the Logic you create when you world build. Before I delve greater into it I wanted to phrase a few ground rules I apply to myself when I create a world. First and foremost after years of writing a story without any consistency I have come to love googledocs. Mostly for the simple fact I can maintain a large series of notes and organize it in a quick manner. That and its easy for me to update it and access it on multiple platforms :3 I can do notes for the book while at work, and also read my book notes as I’m staring out late at night.

On that note yes I work as a security guard currently where I do not much else, but stare else out into the darkness.

On that note, let us discuss rules


Rule Numbah One – Theme and Inspiration

For me my writing deals a lot with theme and inspiration. When I imagine my scifi works I have a specific set of images in my head, which are in turn inspired by a variety of thmes. In many wasy this deals a lot with the kinds o f music I listen to or perhaps even the art I might view while cruising deviantart. Each of my worlds has a constant core theme such as horror, fantasy, mystery etc that play into the kind of stories I want to tell. To be honest, this is kind of typical of any writer. When I work I not only go off base ideas, but I select a few key themes, that albeit I may not remember off the top of my head will permeate my works. The Amazon Novels focus primarily on not only ancient history, but a people seeking to regain a homeland.

Altear focuses on the sense of heroism that we often tell in her our mythological tales, and also the sense of danger that was once felt by the maps that stated “here be monsters”. So when I established a theme I keep to it.


Rule Numero Dos – Genre and Sub-Genre

The new set of rules is to look for the genre’s or the category of themes that tie it all together. When I started mapping out the Amazons I went for realistic fiction, but with heavy alternate historical implications. In a lot of cases I am also not afraid to do mash-ups where I mix abstract ideals all at once.


Rule Trois – Realism Vs The Ridiculous

Altear has a level of ridiculous strange twisted magics or mutated monsters that walked out of the pre-historic era. Agaera deals a lot with themes that drag cultural folklore from across the world along with ancient mad sorcerers who are seeking to destroy the world for their dark forgotten gods. TDLR – When I world build I assume a level of realism I plan to apply. Even in the highest magics I apply I create a level of logic that becomes a core foundation.

If my magic system is completely out there it often has some sort of rule set, or in other cases it may be completely rigid and mechanical. At the end of the day though when I set down a rule I try to keep to it. When exceptions are created there’s always some sort of horrible recompense or in other cases some new twisted form of logic. Even then I am often hesitant to suddenly break a set of rules just for the sake of something being cool! When I the author set down the “logic” of the world I am asking the audience to believe me in whatever story I am telling.


The Foundation

After applying the three rules the next step generally for me is to attack the world at a steady system of expansion. I generally begin these days with a list of general terms or terminology. Note in many cases these things don’t actually exist, but as I make things up I like to keep track of fwhat everything means. When you spend hours upon hours writing sometimes you forget little things you made up. The earliest form of Altear there were many many many Clanns for the Sidhe across just three provinces. They were organized along fairly complicated lines along with a fairly distinctive system of septs. The second incarnation had a different set of rules, and thew newest one will likely too.

In general I love complication in my lore, but at times I do try to avoid making things too complicated unless it fits whatever I’m creating. The Amazones as my first real attempt into alternate history are meant to be realistic, and at the same time Alien. One of their key points is women rule, and that they do not tend to have ‘physical racism’ based upon skin color. This can lead to some fairly strange politics and causes some very strange aspects in their language.

But, back on topic. The Foundation as I create each world is based dependent upon the level of fantasy on series of questions I’ve come to use -a lot- in my story development.

Next time I’ll talk about types of worlds and how its led to the creation of the Nine!