February 2017 Newsletter


February 2017 Newsletter

February is upon us and much has happened! The Kickstarter Rewards for our print run have been nearly all sent out, and we are moving toward the next series of goals set before us. We are going to moving forward on slowly building up reviews of over the next few months. Part of the work in for January was the completion of extra lore and a minor series of Updates for Land in the Stars. Shipping out the rewards also required a lot of time and included added expenses.

Our primary focus for February will be on the moving off to a new host. Our current host, Draebox, will be ending web service for the future. We’ve decided on a few different avenues of webhosting, and we’ve contacted a few sources. Primary concerns will be the ability to upload our current future RPG. After the move of our host we will be focusing on building our community and increasing steady awareness of our publications!


January Content Round-Up


Future Events / Publications

  1. Walk the Crossroads: Thaumaturgy 2/4
  2. ThreeFold Language Dictionary and Language Notes 2/11
  3. Themes: Cyberpunk 2/18
  4. Darker Dungeons: Woetide 2/25


Language Notes

We will be publishing the unfinished notes and the dictionary as a PDF for those interested in the languages of ThreeFold Seer. The decision has also been made to help readers understand the meaning behind certain words in the Shattered Crescent. We do ask people to be patience with the completion of the dictionary as it will take time to fill out the lexicon of the Crescent Languages.