February 2018 Newsletter


February 2018 Newsletter

This year is proving to be off to a productive start! Earlier last month when I moved to do some serious running I sadly found a lot of my progress on ThreeFold Seer Vol. 2 to be missing. Apparently, an entire series of chapters from 21 back to 13 had simply vanished. The next two hours of work proved a bit difficult as I sifted from file to file trying to locate the answers to solve the problem. Rewriting seven chapters worth of text is doable, but it would have set back the publication of the book by more than a year at least.

I found what I needed though in zip files located deep in the backups of the writing program I used for the book. Thereafter I couldn’t find a single full back up and only after I found those damn zip files was I able to rebuild what was lost. Sadly, I found out I was missing a chapter and so I ended up having to still write a new chapter and re-align the timeline for the book. The good thing though was this resulted in a much stronger third and final act. I have plans to tie up a subplot of the book and ready the end of the first arc in the third book of the series.

Other than work on ThreeFold, I have continued my work on Scald-Crow on and off as a means of channeling my often divergent mood swings. More of it comes to me in spurts and for periods of time before fading.


Articles This Month

  • Darker Dungeons: The Dragon
  • Themes: Hard Magic


Land In The Stars

The LITS game remains open for new players to join as I am slowly working on fleshing out the complex world of the Guilds of the Avalonic Cluster. The Guilds themselves are easily separated into the War, Craft and the Science Guilds. Each forming one of the three-prong of the complex industry and business that keeps the Triad alive and running. The next big step will, of course, be updating the archetypes listed for each race to reflect the expanded occupations and character types unique to