Forming DasWyrd – Development Update


Forming DasWyrd – Development Update

Artemis to you all Wyrdkind, and welcome to a simple news update! Instead of my usual rambling blog I will be posting a update now and then which will include information about many of the background projects I am working on! Today I will be discussing DasWyrd (That Fate super roughly in German) a production team that is being put together for a few reasons. The primary reason behind DasWyrd is the eventually formation of a independent publishing press by the same name. DasWyrd publishing will support indie comics and authors as a means to provide branding, editing, and other services to help facilitate quality good work! Much of our support will go out to encouraging diversity in the industry while also supporting people we as a team know and respect!



A Quick Lesson of History

Outside of Padraig O’C as my pen name, my major pseudonym (for those who have not noticed) is ShadowedSin. For more than seven years I have gone under this “call sign” or “username” while building a reputation along with this. A while back I formed a group on GaiaOnline and there I met my evil twin and partner in crime, “Zin Karyuu” (she may reveal her true name as she wishes). Since that time on and off Zin and I have worked together on games, and other projects. Now this partnership is what has formed the basis of the DasWyrd goal. Ideas to create a comic soon evolved into a company after a friend told us we could market what had worked on.

Now that the history is over all the work done in the past is being slowly recycled. Old relationships called upon to foster new communal ties, and years of experience to put together a team with talent, drive, and dreams to be fulfilled (I realized I’m sound a bit cheesy here). It was that really formed the basis though of my personal modern drive. After working on it and work with Zin again I really wanted to strive to do more. Then after finishing a novel and a second one, more came to mind.



Here and Now

After years of work the move to Brookes has begun a slow culmination of directive and long term plans. Earlier this week the staff of DasWyrd (which will manage LiTS) grew by one member, and another is on the way. We eventually plan to maintain a small group which includes artists, community managers, a webmaster and perhaps even other writers. Our goals for LiTS include the expansive of its art and its storytelling to foster a true sense of of setting that our fans and forum members can truly love. We look to shows such as Steven Universe, Full Metal Alchemist, Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra for inspiration. Stylized mixtures of realism and art to create a style that people know.

Over the next year we hope to launch the landing page, and the chatbox for Land in the Stars. We will also be working on designing the forum (done by our webhost Drae). The end of next year will see a major project hit (related in a way to LiTS) which will be a show of our desired organization and ability to deliver! It will be a test so we may or may not succeed, but even if we cannot pull off what we want I still hope we can show our ability to achieve.

Before the major project begin’s however we will be adding to the Land in the Stars. By the end of this year we hope to add a few more staff members to our team; and include the expansion of the LiTS name and brand!