Gazetteer is Coming!


Gazetteer is Coming!

For the past several months I have wanted to write a few essays, and short pieces about the worlds I work on. Actual lore entries that fans can dig into to understand the Nine. So in the future as I get more time from my shifting work habits (I will soon no longer be working nights) I will be publishing a few lessons on the basics of the constructed languages of the Oak Crossroads. Some may ask, why? Why publish information on these works?

Well, one I want to let people sides my select inner circle of fans (when I run forum games, I have around 10-15 internal fans helping with processing the world information), and I would like to grow the fan-base. I’m an independent barely paid author, and I do believe my works are somewhat interesting!


What will be in the Gazetteer!

The Gazetter will not include extensive information as much as it will focus upon information. A good example might be the original Conan (found here) which detailed information randomly about the Cimmerian Clans (the people Conan comes from). When I was a roleplayer back in Age of Conan, the Gazetteer was a source of rare story material. Perhaps that reason, I want to start providing essays that discuss the lore, and the story of my books. So of course that then leads to me to wonder, what will this include?

Well, for one I can’t fill the Gazetteer up with that much information. Too much, and I might as well just publish my internal wiki here on the site!  So for that very reason, most of my Gazetteer will mostly deal with the Amazones. The group feature in the Rise of Amazonia (working title folks) trilogy. The first part to be published will likely be a definition on the Amazones, and where they come from. Then while the Gazetter provides a prolonged amount of information. I will then release bits of lore like I did in my Old Tropes New Ideas blog.


Language Lessons

The entire Grammar (for non linguists, that’s the document that details how the language works) for Amazo (the name of the language) won’t be published for a bit. While I am an active member of the Language Creation Society, I want to focus on releasing material that is related to the basics of the culture, and the language itself. So if you are a language geek, you won’t be seeing the complex system of evidentials, and moods for a while. Hi and goodbye will be the first focus!

I”m a bit of a Tolkien with my works (yes I kind of do look up to him like every geeky writer does), and it was he, and others that inspired me to create languages for my works. By publishing the Gazeteer I hope to build interest in not only my work, but to increase peoples interests in languages in general (I’m a huge advocate of minority languages).


Lore Lore Lore

Finally, the last thing I want to focus on is giving a bit of Lore to the various books, and games (yes I plan on eventually releasing a RPG via my future Publishing House) I am working on. Most of these are sadly years away from completion, but I can at least ‘tease’ what is in them. There are Nine in the Crossroads, Nine Worlds to reveal, and a grand mythology and story to tell. The best I can do for future fans is to leave a bit explaing what is going on right? 😀