Getting Ready for Brookes


Getting Ready for Brookes

Brookes College is looming over the horizon. A truth of my life that is altogether wonderful and terrifying all at once. It will not be teh first time I have gone to study abroad, in fac this will be my second trip to stay in the British Isles. It’ll be my second time in a summer period of flying into Heathrow. The big difference here is just what I will be leaving behind. Truth be told, I have lived in another country (Ireland) with people I didn’t know at all. I spent a month and a half in Ireland, five weeks in total, and it was an outright eye-opening experience. Now I am planning on moving for a year to the country next door which albeit being slightly culturally related to the UK, is quite different from Ireland.

The United Kingdom is going to be an entirely new exhilarating and at times trying period of my life. I’ve never really considered about moving abroad except maybe for Canada, so when I was accepted to Brookes I was a bit shocked as reality set in. There is just so much to do that I can barely even begin to describe it. It took me a lot of thinking and reflection when I was away in Hawaii to realize what I was going to be doing. The offer was there on my computer while I left it to sit forlornly on the internet as I traveled all over Maui.

After I returned it was time to begin preparations. First, I began to look into the costs as my parents were (and still are) taking the brunt of the expenditure of this venture. so I’ve been slowly working my way through three scholarships (Bursaries) which Ihope will increase my funds for life in Great Britain. The first to be looked into was one directly given for Publishing, and I won’t get the results until the 19th. Later this month around the 26th, I’ll be applying for two more Bursaries from Satander Bank and Brookes Marshall. Each I hope will cover the expansive expensives that are already accumulating for this huge change in my life.

Among the costs, there are also the considerations. I’ve started putting together a new wardrobe or more of an expanded one. Waist coasts, woolens and much more are becoming part of my clothing that I haven’t owned in a while. I still need to complete the formal wear, but I’ve got it halfway or so at least! All of these requirements are essentially part of my new self I’ll be carving out in England (Ye Old Aenglaland).


History Explosion

As part of my self induced interest in history, I am watching endless information on the British Isles. Part of this is to know where I am, but also to reinvigorate my interest in the region. So far there has been a reintroduction to the expansive history of the British Monarchy, and the politics behind Ireland. I was hoping to find some information on Cornwall and Wales at one point, but I will likely be watching documentaries until the end of days. Most of this is I don’t want to walk into the United Kingdom without a sense of what is going on. I kmow it seems that I’m likely just trying to hard, but some of us don’t like being the ignorant American 😀


Contacting Friends

When I was a guild leader for Ashenfold Cartel I made several friends over in Europe. There are some I’ve formed from my work in running forum games of the past. Through all of this time a small community (I sometimes call them Wyrdkind) has formed in the growing activities I have partaken in. Several of these friends I hope to meet up with when come to live on the Hedley Campus. A few included are the host for this site, Drae, my friend Fraser, Grey Bradley, and even Adamixos. Its still in the works but I hope to have drinks with them all as the time comes!

Other than that there is still waiting on my financial aid to come through, and the applying for a visa. All of which is building up wonderfully in a low current of confusing stress, but I’ll channel it into a book instead!