Happy Samhain, LITS ALPHA IS HERE!


Happy Samhain, LITS ALPHA IS HERE!

The fae will pierce the veil and walk among the kindred of mortals soon! Or so they claim in the various forms across the Nine Worlds of the Oak Cross! For those who celebrate Samhain, enjoy, set the table for your loved ones and remember to respect the old gods. For those who are going out trick or treating for “All Hallow’s Eve”. Today is pretty important to us at DasWyrd (ignoring our love of folklore) and so at least one of us will be celebrating!

Other than today’s holiday, we have a special announcement here at DasWyrd. After more than two years of development Land in the Stars is open for Alpha testing! What this means is that LiTS is now open for people to join and create characters to join our ever exanding story.

You can find the actual announcement on the forum itself here.

If you are interested in the game and don’t want to get overwhelmed, check out the “Getting Started” guide for an overview of how to get your toes wet!