January 2017 Newsletter


January 2017 Newsletter

The year 2016 was a mixed bag for most of the world. A lot of really annoying things happened and we lost a lot of just simply great and pivotal people this year. We saw the United Kingdom vote to “Brexit” from the European Union, and the United States elected simply the worst president since Ronald Reagan and Nixon combined!

But melodrama aside!

In review, 2016 was a good and a bad year. DasWyrd finally made a name for itself and we became a legal entity this last year! Our chief editor, Padraig, went abroad and has completed his degree! Our art director works at a big name VFX studio now, and our Community Director works full time! We love DasWyrd Press and after seeing our first book finally published we are determined this year to do more.

So far our plans are big, and to be honest they are vague. But there are a few key things we would like to do this year if we can:

  1. Begin the official Alpha test for Land in the Stars – Our big dramatic Space Opera RPG
  2. We publishing our book, and we completed our Kickstarter! We now want to hold an official event at a local bookstore in our hometown.
  3. We want to see the completion of the second manuscript for the ThreeFold sequel, so we can have the book published by next year.

Also, we would love to see maybe a few articles about us on other sites if possible, along with some nifty book reviews :D.

But we digress!


December Round-Up


Events in January

  • Walk the Crossroads 1/14
  • Strike – 1/20
  • Themes: Steampunk 1/27


DasVlog Hiatus

This last year we did several vlogs about social issues that were important to DasWyrd. This first season albeit a good start needs some serious refinement. So for the first month or so DasVlog will be going on Hiatus as we review our videos and prepare a new list of topics to talk about. We would love suggestions and ideas to cover in the future!


Land in the Stars

This last month we finished off the base lore for the magical psionic powers of our mecha pilots for the Space Opera RPG. The game is currently undergoing some renovation to prepare it for possible newcomers in the coming months. We are hoping to jump start a soft alpha launch to test out the game and refine it for a harder launch in the future.


WIP Language Documents

There are now over twenty pages of notes on Crescent Tongue and the dictionary is steadily growing. If work continues at this pace we should be ready to publish the PDFs by February or March, hopefully. We, however, will be focusing most of our writing work on the completion of the ThreeFold second novel this month and next as whole.