January 2018 Newsletter


January 2018 Newsletter

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Crossroads dear mortals. After a thin two months and quiet work, we here at DasWyrd strive to make some simple and yet -lasting- goals in the days and weeks to come. In reflection of 2017, we can say that we aimed a little too high and thus have decided on a quieter series of achievements to seek. While we did see the publication of our first novel we had issues with a delay in the alpha of our RPG. The truth is a major change in real life for some of us caused a distinctive shift in attention.

Our goals for this upcoming year will be as follows:

  1. The completion and preparation of the drafts for our second novel up for publication.
  2. Posting the Whately Universe Fan Fic “Scald-Crow” on our site to expand the fiction portfolio for our reders.
  3. The slow expansion of our player base for Land in the Stars.


Articles for 2018

For this upcoming year our articles will continue to focus on unique genre trends, and the design of fictional worlds. Our focus on work for conworld and conlang creation will continue as we look at how worlds provide a connection to fans. This is a truth in publishing these days as we are not just creators, but the curators of content. Stories aren’t just in books, or tv shows. They are in small blog posts, comments from authors and massive fan compiled wikis. There will be some planned expansions of the lore of LITS as we prepare for our growing player base.

One of our primary concern will be simply maintaining energy and gaining more resources to achieve our goals. For now, instead of putting the cart before the horse we’ll be undertaking a small evaluation period for the future.