July 2017 Newsletter


July 2017 Newsletter

Can it be that we’re already in the seventh month of 2017? By the gods it feels like time is flying by this year with new events happening every day! This month will be a bit light in content compared to the previous months as its summer and there are some life changes happening for members of our staff. Other than that we’ll be attending a Local Pride event on the 9th. Apologies for the slow change in shortening content, a life change has given me a lot less energy and a member of our staff has taken a break.

This has resulted in a few less hands on deck, and making it a bit harder to get things done. However, the goals for this year still include a Land in the Stars Alpha in October and completing the manuscript for nex ThreeFold Seer Novel!


Land In The Stars Launches in October

The Alpha test for LITS will begin in mid-october if we can finish a certain amount of lore before the month begins. Most of the issue lies with making sure we have enough player interest to create our starting member base. Once our game has begun we’ll lay the ground work for the beta which will see the steady expansion of the setting. My primary hope as the creator is to see a strong fanbase to help with future projects. The game itself is our way of telling the fans we really care and we want to directly interact with them.


ThreeFold Seer Delays

The second book for ThreeFold Seer is on semi-hold as my muse for the book is stumbling. Energy with several life choices has diminished greatly over the past few weeks. I’ll post an official announcement of what’s going on later,but so far it’s been more positive for me as a person. Storywise, I have an idea on how the book ends, I just need to get it there!


June Article Round-Up


July Articles

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