July 2018 Newsletter


July 2018 Newsletter

Pride month has finally left us and while May was a hard month, June was a bit of fresh air! Unlike previous months I have had a good amount of energy to move forward with ThreeFold Seer. However, the major focus for a lot of my plans for the month heavily focused on Seattle Pride. I saved up and went shopping to compile my look for Pride, and I put a lot of effort in how I was going to dress that day. The lead up to Pride for me is a sort of growing feeling mixing dread and happiness into one awkward mess. I rushed around to get everything from the perfect shirt; the perfect skirt. Then there was how I was going to do my makeup and how I was going to get there. The end result was a nervous bitchy mess and luckily I was a little less dramatic at Pride than I was to the lead up.

After attending Seattle Pride I can say I love it! The plethora of performers was fantastic to see, and the sea of just “gay” and “queerness” itself was revitalizing to my aging trans-lesbian heart. In other ways it was overwhelming. In the march itself. I marched in the Fred Meyer portion of the parade and I was actively giving people high fives, and even hugs as I walked along. It was pretty fucking awesome, and even now it makes me happy to have that much love to absorb for the rest fo the year.


July Comes and Writer’s Block

Now that June has passed it’s time to take all the energy for Pride and aim it back to work. Chapter Twenty-Five of ThreeFold Seer Volume 2 is done and I’m slowly chipping away at Chapter Twenty-Six. The conclusion of the book is coming along. I plan on conducting a few side projects through the rest of summer to update world Lore and to concentrate heavily on refining the overall meta-arc of the series at large. Plot-wise, I have a rough idea on how the book is going to end. I need to sit back and seriously just bang out the quick violent scenes which will be making up the next two chapters. Once those are done I can prepare the stage for the actual conclusion.

One of the problems I face is a fear of how to this middle novel will link to the other two in its trilogy. Middle movies and books are the ones that don’t always do the best. Honestly, it’s fuelling my lack of muse for the book itself. However, I am going to persevere and force myself to finish The Fierce One.


Pushing Myself

At the end of the day, this entire summer is going to be about pushing my limits and my comfort zone. I plan on taking steps in my life that I have sat on for years. So that is a ton of unpacking to do and a lot of decisions which will seriously change who I am. Part of this is pushing forward to actually -be- a publisher, and getting the funds to eventually publish other people besides myself. It’s a hardly workable dream with the amount of disposable income I have a lack of resources to draw upon.

Part of pushing it to the next level will be the further development of DasWyrd press to have active staff sides myself and plans to create a list of publications down the road. For now, I will be focusing primarily on publishing the next ThreeFold novel and onward!