June 2017 Newsletter


June 2017 Newsletter

Another June has come and another May has gone, and more has happened in the realm of DasWyrd! This month will see DasWyrd releasing celebrating more than six months after the release of (8 months in fact) of our first novel! After all the work we did our novel has sold a few copies and reviews are slowly trickling in. These small changes are allowing us to move forward with plans for our new novel. This month will be much like may, no events, and our primary focus being the ongoing development of Land In The Stars is slowly moving forward. Other than that our production will be focusing on creating the editing apparatus for the next ThreeFold Novel.


May Events Round-Up


June Articles

  • Darker Dungeons: The Five Races – 6/19
  • Themes: Dieselpunk – 6/24


Land in the Stars Alpha

We have talked about the Alpha for Land in the Stars for a while. To be honest the work has been shifting to different goal posts for quite a while. That will hopefully change as we begin the final stretch of lore articles. First, we have been going through a list of necessary articles and trimming it down to what is truly needed.

Most of the necessary information for Technology is done, completely done. I am currently writing the lore for the typical common life for those in the Triad. Next will be the integral government of the Triad aptly nicknamed, the Imperial Bureaucracy, which accounts for the more complicated workings of the Star Empire itself. Beyond that, we will do a few articles on the Houses and their Home Planets.

The current goal for our soft opening the beginning of October and we will be opening the site up for new members in the coming weeks and months.


Reading Event

Last Sunday on June 4th, I conducted a small presentation on DasWyrd and Those Apart. After the presentation, I read a section of the novel and then spoke to those present about it all. This was the second event we’ve attended and or ran (including Queer Con) and it is slowly helping us spread the awareness of our work. The only constraint we have right now is money in the company coffers (which we hope to improve in the future).