June 2018 Newsletter


June 2018 Newsletter

Goddess, I didn’t expect May to end so quickly and for June to rush up towards me. Hello everyone, its Pride Month and here at DasWyrd we are hard working away at our current projects. Our primary focus these last few months have been the second book in the ThreeFold Seer series. Another major part of the work has been the steady expansion of background information for the world at large. The books need to span three major arcs each ending in a specific point in the meta-plot for the entire series. This has lent itself to a lot of side work to add greater clarification for details in the story at large.

The end goal for this month is to see a considerable amount of the book completed. Currently, the first draft of ThreeFold Vol 2 is more than two-thirds of the way done. Chapter twenty-four is currently in the works and the books word totally far exceeds 88,000. That is a considerable amount of pages to edit when the book is done. Honestly, the book itself will quickly exceed 100,000 words to include the movement of subplots to convey the growing middle-game for the series at large.

While ThreeFold moves forward, Land in the Stars is sadly now on the back burner. The extra world building and work on the great ThreeFold universe require more energy than I have to split between two projects. In addition, my general spoon level (see spoon theory) has been quite low. April emotionally ravaged how I felt about myself and may has been a bit less stressful. Issues have popped up including still needing a new therapist and finding a secure means of mental health assistance.

Work has finally started to settle down over the last few weeks and things are a little less stressful. This has given me enough energy to actually work on the book.


Article Work

The limited amount of spoons I’ve felt recently has left me mostly spending my free time reading. However, reading helps me get more ideas for sources for articles to write for DasWyrd in general. I recently completed the first few works of the Honor Harrington series and I have to say it’s reinvigorating my love of science fiction. Not to mention I’ve been jumping back into anime binging. So far, I already have a few ideas for work on an analysis of the worlds of “Children of the Whales” and “Violet Evergarden”. 

Both present fascinating concepts and even more remind me of the strangely beautiful world featured in “Last Exile”. I hope to post a few articles on all the anime involved.


Pride Month

Also, happy Pride!  This year I’m attending the Seattle Pride day down in the Emerald City! I’ve started putting together my Pride look and adding some new plans for getting a few piercings for the future! Which should prove interesting for the next author portrait for ThreeFold Volume 2.