June and July


June and July

House Athenes rules from the Shadows, as House Durant rules in the light.

-Cyrus the Elder

Hey everyone, been a busy, busy spring in my life. Between work, and WildStar not much else has been really getting done. I had to put Land in the Stars (LiTS) on the back burner for a while as I cleaned upsome documentation for the community I run. However, with the recent launch of the online game I’ve been watching for a year or more; there is much free time to finally be had!

With that I have restarted work on Land in the Stars, and I have even started looking into some other projects as well.


Getting Arrow Child Published

So the primary goal or me at the moment is to get Arrow Child, published. Fully published as far as I can. That will be a great accomplishment for me as I prepare to apply to Simon Fraser University’s publishing program. If I have not mentioned it before, the degree over in SFU (yes SFU) is pretty prestigious. Its a limited cohort of about twenty individuals, meaning that its not the easiest to get into.  Additionally it is one of the few schools I’ve found that teaches a Master’s program in Publishing, and has from what I’ve gathered from the admissions head, a fairly varied internship program.

Yup, getting published is pretty much my aim as I work on my portfolio. When I get more work done on LiTS I’ll file a copyright and add it to my protfolio. My aim with both is to show a few primary attributes:

  1. I am capable of writing a novel, of locating a editor or editors, and professionally working through the editing through publishing process.
  2. With LiTS I want to show that I am capable of developing detailed worlds on my own, and managing a new intellectual property.
  3. My next goal is to basically write out a mission statement for the future publishing house “Das-Wyrd Press” that I would like to found with a few friends.


Its a big Dream, but I want to kill Legends

Getting the Oak Cross fandom established as a multi-genre metaverse is a one of my dreams. Seeing people reading, and purchasing my work is one goal. It really doesn’t matter to me if I make a lot of money, just seeing fans of my work means I’ve made people happy. As an artist my one true goal is to see my expression valued to some degree. If I can get the publishing house up down the road and help others and grow, that will be even better.

Cover art by Xylius