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“Fortune fools the bold.” -Faerin Proverb
Land in the Stars is a Courtly Politics Play-By-Post Roleplay set in a Space Opera setting. A world where grey / black controls the day, and each person is out for themselves. At the center of our story are the Noble Houses, a group of clan lineages dating back over four thousand years. In our game players will take the leads of these houses; join the family bloodline; or serve the family as a retainer. However, with our vast setting (see more below) we’ll never see the same character twice in the Saga of the Stars.  

Player Experience

A primary aim of our game is to offer a complex world that does not burn out the player. While our setting is vast, we hope to foster an active community who will help and assist new players as they arrive. Also, with our community focused on the families of each House everyone who joins will find potential plotlines, friends, and adversaries right from the start. This means an active support system to constantly exist for new member! The community we have fostered has become incredibly understanding and accepting. For this reason, we consider our game A Safe Space for LGBT, MOGAI and all others. Not only is it part of our community but the lore itself in the game is aimed at different religious, racial, ethnic and gender identities. A place to explore new and wondrous characters in the constant struggle of the Nobility.

“They come from the void…unending terror!” -Arrival of the Voidkin

Setting Benefits

Our setting is large, but was done so to provide as much possibility that we could think of! We make this setting accessible than through multiple avenues and assistance by players and staff alike. Check out its features:
  • Five Signature Races – All of our species are unique with their own mental patterns, views on the world, and cultural back story. Some even have their own languages!
    • Races include; the imperious Faeru who built the ancient Star Empires; the synthetic Soulgiven who are enslaved by the Faeru and seek their own life; the calculating cybernetic undead Arashii who view the world as a to perfect; the manipulative Gwagaruh a race of alien vampires; and the confused souls of the Helogav a race of plague victims seeking to make their mark in the world.
  • A Vast Complex Universe – Our world includes active religions with their own politics, divisions, and doctrines. Strange unique spacecraft that sail through the star-winds, and powerful eerie inventions of nanotechnology.
  • Cyber / Biopunk Overtures – Venture into the inter-systems network and explore the undying realities of techno-faiths. Join advanced guilds who seek to push the shaping of genetics to its furthers. Or become a cyber-terrorist seeking to undo the rule of the Sovereign Lords.
  • Gotta Love Mecha – Alongside our solar-sailing grand works in space craft our game focuses on the ritual war between Mecha and their mutant pilots. Modify and make your own creation! Why not do the same to your starship as well!
  • Techno-Magic – Unlock the power of the mutant Errant warrior-class and explore the world of three intertwined systems of magic! Wield the elements of electricity, fire, water, and gravity! Or consume your enemies with nightmares using cyber-spirit summons!

Story So Far…

“Oh what the Ancestors would say of what their children have wrought.” ~Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk
In the Three Systems Era, war is one of the few constants of existence. The old Star Empire fell centuries ago and only the chaos remains. Within the cluster of stars known as Avalon, the remnants of the old Empire exist as a scattering of bickering Houses who compete in the never-ending politics of the “Sovereign Game”. Yet, more than the Houses seek the Imperial Throne. An ancient race of predators hides among the populace, while its own warring factions vie for what they call the Hidden Empire. Even more so are ravenous hordes of monsters lurking in the depths of space. To the astral south lies an invading army of religious zealotry demanding to unify all in the name of their mysterious gods. As only a few constants exist in the Land in the Stars; an endless of War, Scheming, and Betrayal.  

Production and Release

Access to the forum is currently restricted to members of the Wyrdkin Community as we are still in the development phase for the forum’s lore and setting. However, anyone can join the community and investigate the world on our Lore Podcast and lore posts we put on Blog. The Alpha Soft Opening has officially began!