LitS – An Introduction


LitS – An Introduction

The Triad has been ruled by three Dynasties, and seen mass genocide. Yet, we remain. -Cyrus the Elder, Scholar of Duzahk

The Land in the Stars, or known to many simply as Avalon or more formally, the Avalon Cluster. A strange universe where laws of magic are nonexistent, and yet where strange mutations, and war is has become a ritual constant. Three great Empires have ruled Avalon, each hoping to improve over the reset. The only constants have been the decadence of the Nobility, the power of the warring faiths, and the desire to defeat the invading hordes of the Voidkin.


“It all began four thousand years ago when the World’s Gate opened, and the first of the Ancestors appeared on the core worlds.”

-The Chronicles of Star-Crown


Themes and Aesthetics

Land in the Stars (in the Elder Tongue – Taer-Sha-Sereanna) is a universe that mixes elements of Planetary Romance, Pulp Fiction, Space Opera, Epic Fantasy, and Mecha Anime. All of these forces plus a bit of biopunk, and cyberpunk will create a strange and alien world that is ready for adventure and intrigue. One thing that I do want to use, and yet avoid is the notion that there is a necessary good or evil in this world. Grey Morality, and a bit of Black Morality are the major themes that will be resounding throughout the stories of the three core systems known as the triad.


Black and Grey Morality

A morality system where the protagonists are just as likely to do irredeemable things than the enemies. There are no heroes in the Triad, there are only people who can rise above the turmoil of the Houses. Power grabs, and differing systems of what is right and wrong are often culturally determined in the three core systems. The only true evil are the Voidkin a devouring race of vampiric viral monsters that come skulking out of a half-dead star system far to the galactic north of the Triad.


“We are the ghost in the machine, we are those given Souls.”

-Freedom Synthesis Declaration


Space Romance and Space Opera

A lot of the early works of Planetary Romance stories from the Pulp Fiction era such as The Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, inspired the sense of not only neo-feudalism, but also the strange adventurous feel of the Planets of the Triad. The Space Operatic series such as Macross, The Dune Novels directed in the creation of a world of fantastic technology and widespread difference. Unlike typical space operas this is not a world of greatness as much as a world of difference. Much like the Gundam Franchise morality is open to question.


Cyberpunk and Biopunk

Another set of themes common in the LitS (Land in the Stars) are the influences on technology including Cyberpunk such as that found in Ghost in the Shell, Shadowrun, and Blade Runner. Replicant (like from Blade Runner) Synthetic androids exist across the Triad, and once rose up against their masters. The Biopunk aspect of the game comes from influences of eugenics and genetic manipulation. Gattaca, and the show, Dark Angel or the game Bioshock


“Life is reticent when you lack fervor for greatness.”

-Llewyn oc Artur, Emperor of the Stars, Third Imperial Era


A Deep World.

The Triad is a placed filled with a multitude of characters, races, motivations, and mysteries. The ancient relics of the Ancestors somehow dot across t he planets. The alien Voidkin lurk in the darkness, and the Cult of the Spider is said to control the lords of Star-Crown with their webs of conspiracy. Details and layers within layers await those seeking the Land in the Stars.