March 2017 Newsletter


March 2017 Newsletter

Hello Wyrdkin! Did you enjoy February? Because we did! A lot happened this past February including a jump in traffic to our website and increasing interest in our publications. But enough about that, let’s talk about what we are planning on doing in for the final month of the First Quarter of 2017!


Quarter References

So because DasWyrd now officially can receive revenue from our books we will be organizing our time more and more into “Quarters”. This is really just to make it easier on covering our revenue and to make sure we move toward that as a fact of our company as a whole. This also means we’ll likely be planning things from a more seasonal point of view when it comes to events and planning.


February Round-Up

Here are the articles and pages we published in February 2017:

  1. Constructed Languages Page Added
  2. Crescent Tongue Page Added.
  3. Themes: Cyberpunk
  4. Darker Dungeons: Woetide Introduction


Upcoming Articles and Events

  • ThreeFold Seer Update 3/11
  • Walk the Crossroads 3/18
  • Darker Dungeons: Building a Foundation 3/25


The Triad Starmap!

A few weeks ago I designed a rough starmap for Land in the Stars which was sadly lost when a small power outtage turned off my desktop. So the first weekend of March will be an official -Design Weekend- where we post images actively on Tumblr as I design the new starmap! Feel free to follow our work as we not only create a general map  of the “TRIAD” but set a ground for future starmaps of the Avalon Cluster as a whole. Design weekend will commence on Friday the 10th and continue until the Sunday night on the 12th. The goal will be the completion of the starting Starmap of the Triad for the start of the LITS game either this fall or next year.