March 2018 Newsletter


March 2018 Newsletter

February was a stressful month filled with new discoveries and considerations. The latest thing to occur this month is an ongoing challenge continuing into March which will see five new Sk’eeo words invented a day. So far close to more than thirty of the things have been added to the dictionary. When this challenge is done my plan for the next leg will be the completion of several language attributes to expand upon parts of speech. For example, I plan on fleshing out verbs to a point of giving “Aspect” a few modal verbs for clearer marking on place and time. Plus, I want to go over a few things to further make it a language people can speak and use for later on.

Another thing I plan on doing is some series rewatches of Star Trek DS9 and Avatar the Last Airbender. In both cases, I’ve thought about using a concept called evidentiality. Basically, it indicates the speaker’s ability to given evidence for what they are saying. I then want to tackle demonstratives and have fun with how the different peoples think about spatial awareness!


The Lacking Articles

So, this last year the articles I’ve written has slowly dwindled in number. A lot of this has to do my increasing bouts of depression and the road of self-discovery that is my transition. Plus, I’ve had to move twice in the past year or so alone and this has upset my natural schedule. Then there is just the simple fact I’ve had to look for jobs more than four times this last year which in of itself has been stressful. For better or worse, it was a great but all around stressful year which lovingly kicked me in the face.

I want to start off with an article a month and go from there. Slowly, as I get back into the flow of getting things done and I hope to eventually reach my previous allotment.


ThreeFold Update

Chapter 20 is now done and I’m going to make the push to complete chapter 21 soon sometime later this week. The storyline for act 3 of book 2 is about done as well as ongoing notes for book 3. My muse is a very fickle thing when it comes to inspiration and ideas. I have plans for the final act, but much of it is still up in the air. Part of the problem is laying the groundwork for a resolution while also preparing the final act for this section of the book series as well. Connecting or secondary books in trilogies can easily worst in some cases. So there is a lot of pressure on to improve upon the previous novel and setting the stage for the next arc of the series as well.