May 2016 Newsletter


May 2016 Newsletter

The Divine smile upon you all, and hello from DasWyrd Press!

Recently life in the United Kingdom and a series of changes in the lives of our staff has caused us to do a bit of a shake up here at DasWyrd. We will be making an active change to our content schedule in the upcoming months. Part of this is to honestly make things more manageable for us, and also to test the waters. We want to produce content that our fans want, and we are going to see if a lower frequency with a little more consistency is going to what people are seeking!

  • Newsletters – Once a month just like this one! We’ll update everyone on any changes, upcoming content and what projects we’re working on.
  • DasVlog! – DasVlog is going to be where members our staff (primarily me Padraig) talking about different issues of writing, social issues, our favorite geeky stuff (games, books, nerd culture).
  • Walk the Crossroads – WotC will be sticking around entering its second season this year! This podcast is going to become a respository of our project lore, and us discussing the project work itself. If you want to learn about the lore of a given world or how to speak Faerie languages check this out!
  • Gazetteer – We’ll be adding more lore essays on a quarterly basis more on this on the coming months!
  • DasBlog – Our blog is going on a mini-hiatus as its right around the school year. It will be returning to a once month update and eventually toward a  bi-weekly basis. This will focus on writing themes, our What the Sierd lore section and character sketches as before.

We’re taking the Lexa Pledge Symbolically

Click here to see the Lexa Pledge itself!

The recent treatment of the character Commander Lexa on The 100 has caused a stir among various fandoms. As a publisher we can’t exactly offer roles for actors, but we can recognized the significant on representation and strive to do better. DasWyrd Press already strives to do better by our MOGAI and LGBTIA fans (heck a bunch of us are part of the community!), and we want to do this as a move of solidarity. Publishing has a tad more integrity (paraphrasing a TV producer from the London Book Fair) than TV (minus rampant lack of diversity in Publishers).

So we are hoping with this step that as we publish our novels and produce new franchises that people look at our story and here the voice of our writers. Its time to toss off a lot of these “tired old tropes” and try to be more inventive. Shake things up and test the preconceived notions of what an audience is interested in.


Threefold Updates

  • Draft 5 is complete and our editor is working on cleaning up Draft 6! We had a fortunate awesome level of help from a classmate of mine who gave a lot of notes to help us prepare Draft 7!
  • We’ve began a slow awareness push and hope everyone who likes the idea behind Threefold Seer adds to it! We have big plans and it will require all of your support to make it possible.
  • The Scripts for Shimmer Speech and Spirit Cants are complete. We have also sketched out the language basics for Shimmer Speech and have plans for Ghost Cant the language of Ifsii’s people in the novels.
  • All commissions orders are complete.


The Limited Run Kickstarter Campaign

A dream of mine is to see a physical copy of a book I’ve written and someone reading it. Or just having a copy that people hold and cherish, and people have asked for copies of the book. In the day and age of ebooks some people still like good old physical paper to enjoy an evening with a cup of copy (or perhaps a glass of wine). We are putting together some ideas for rewards and for a goal and even stretch goals. However, we need to know what people want so if you have a chance look over at our DasWyrd Survey and give your thoughts!

What we would like from this is to prove that our book can get physical stock made. DasWyrd would also like to have stock we can then provide to independent bookstores giving people a direct chance to buy our book and support a local establishment in their community.