May 2017 Newsletter


May 2017 Newsletter

April passed so quickly this year and so much happened in that time! We attended our very first convention and we received our first pointed review. Both experiences bore their ups and downs, and afterward DasWyrd is strengthened by the experience all for the better. The first major thing to consider is a review posted earlier this by someone we solicited off Tumblr. After a bit of waiting we were happy to see the review and then read through it. Pointedly, it is a brutal description of our very first publication and for me personally it took me a bit to recover from reading it.

In the long term we believe one review doesn’t make or break our book. In fact if anything we are now more legitimate as a publisher than before. The Staff has decided that if more negative reviews appear we will reconsider re-releasing Those Apart as a second edition in the future. If not we will be applying the critique learned from it in all our future publications. Queercon on the other-hand was a whole other kettle of fish.

My full experiences are posted here, but in short it was a fun and yet overwhelming experience. But we did sell a few books and this has invigorated our desire to do more events when we can! In July we’re holding a book reading of Those Apart, and we will be reaching out to other venues in the future!

A Quick LITS Update
I understand that work on LITS seems to slow and news infrequent, and we thank everyone who is still interested in the project. This summer we hope to reach a lore point where we believe we are good for Alpha and are currently in discussion once again on a timeline for when to start.

Currently we have finished lore for basic materials and will be moving forward to fleshing out the Lore on the Sysnet. Afterward we will be continuing our push for basic technology into the coming year.

April Article Round-Up


May Articles

  • Darker Dungeons Researching Tropes 5/13
  • Themes:Dreadpunk 5/20
  • What the Sierd is Warp-Tek? 5/27