May 2018 Newsletter


May 2018 Newsletter

April has come and gone and has been a semi-productive with a lot of work being completed on ThreeFold Seer. The work itself took a lot of effort because of a very long period of depression which has hit me since March. The amount of change experienced at my day job has included a lot of policy changes, and worry about keeping my job. My job is secure, but my anxiety has been in full swing. Throughout all of this, any thought focused on working on the novel has proven very broken and easily.

In that time, however, a lot of writer’s block has built up as I worry about not only my job but upcoming costs of living. This has given me a bit of time to recuperate though so I can finally start setting goals for myself later this year.


ThreeFold Seer Updates

The Fierce One has been slowly progressing over the last two years at a snail’s pace. Most of this has been connected to the issues dealing with the ongoing plot of the series, and the arcs comprising the meta-plot of the series at large. I am currently writing the last act of the book. A major subplot introduced in the first plot is getting a definite update as several other subplots are being added to focus on the different agendas of each character. Then there is the overarching conflict brewing int he world at large.

Most of the first book mirror the Avatar Series with the characters on a long journey to reach a destination. One of our unfavorable reviews has pointed me to an issue with extensive traveling plotlines. Thus the second book while including more on the Chosen’s Journey will have more experiential scenes for the main characters.


Other Publications

There are two other options up for possible publication in 2019 or 2020. One is the official publication of the first of my Amazon Novels, and one I hope to see in print in the coming years. Then there is, of course, the publication of the first Nyla Clarkson Novel or perhaps completing the first Age of SkySail Novel. Both heavily feature LGBT characters and would be great additions to the general list for DasWyrd. The main issue is finishing one, and the other is by in large huge.  Arrow Child as a novel is well over 600 pages long which means a ton of editing and more.


Land In The Stars

The work on Land in the Star is slowly again taking a minor break. Most of this has been due to the decreased energy I have felt with an event of personal loss in April. The following changes at work caused a loss of focus for the continual for the massive space opera setting. Primary work has focused a bit on simplifying the character creation system and then adding more lore focusing on the Guilds. By completing the lore of the Guilds I hope to provide greater information for people to create different characters in the game. Then by updating the character creation system, I hope to make the game more accessible to our future players.