Mid-Jan Updates, and Editing is Killer


Mid-Jan Updates, and Editing is Killer

This is the first time I’ve seriously gone through something bigger than fifty pages and done some seriously editing. I do not count my work on my lengthy previous college papers as they were double spaced, and were in general double checked by a parent. Yeah, having a college professor as your mom can be quite useful when it comes to working on massive thesis discussing ethnicity. That all aside, I’m glad that I’ve stuck through the process as its been a serious learning experience. The major part being that I’ve actually written something that is well over two hundred pages (minus all that free lore I wrote for guilds over the years). Then there’s the fact that I’m pushing forward with a large scale project. So even though it melts my eyes to stare at a screen and search for typos, mispellings, and strange word construction; I’m finding it a nice change of pace than previous works.

All in all I’m doing this for myself 😀


Secondary Project

Other than that small update I’ve decided to start work on a few things that I want to do once I get the draft off to the Alpha readers, I’m going to map out the history of the world. That being said, the object is not to create a new entire world, but to really dig into the various fictional factions that I’ve created as proxies for some of the politics I’ve used from the real world. You’ll notice the obvious mentions of the Syrian Civil War, and also a reference to a political party in Greece. Some of them are allegorical to a point, but most of this is that I wanted Arrow Child to co-exist to a point to our world. Basically I use real world influences to chart the plot structure of the books to a degree.

On that note part of this secondary project is working on and attacking the large amount of progress on Aɲazo (the Amazon Language) last year when my HD died. Eventually there will be a PDF of the English-Aɲazo Dictionary plus a few other things. The reasons I developed a language for the Amazones and other groups in my writing is a bit complex. It is in part because I do look at writers such as Tolkien as inspiration. When I make a world I basically make a world, that includes languages. Without language you kind of lack a depth of meaning in society that can’t always be expressed in writing.

I’ll explain the full story later on. Anyways, the primary object of my upcoming secondary project is to eventually not only publish my work on Aɲazo, but also the language known as Elder Tongue. Elder Tongue is a weird attempt at creating a pseudo-proto-ish Celtic language or at least a semi-Celtic language. For those of you (that’s a small few) who have read or seen my blogs about Altear its basically the language of a league of cities from one of the ancient periods of the world. Elder Tongue also features exclusively as one of the Fae Languages in the Agaera books. Nyla actually speaks it to a degree so I plan on having it fleshed out by the time she gets her first book (which will appear after I write a story about her grand parents :D)!