NaNoWriMo 2014, Walk Between Shadows


NaNoWriMo 2014, Walk Between Shadows

Last Saturday marked the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I have participated for the past few years beginning in 2010 when I first wrote the piece known as “Weeping Skies” the first novel in the Age of Sky Sail series. The next year I wrote part of the sequel known as “Insurgent Skies”. Both will eventually be finished as I work upon the various books I wish to in the series itself. Last year I completed the first book in my line up when going rogue last year during NaNo. Now, I am establishing a new work as part of my series dedicated to a character I’ve named “Nyla Clarkson”.

Nyla is a central figure in my series known as the “Agaera Novels” a series dedicated to the exiles Fae that well upon the earth, and also their works as the silent figures of magic in the world. Front in center of these stories is the Clarkson, and Ekstedt families. Both having strong connections to powerful players in the Fae that dwell in Agaera.

The Agaera novels are a bit stranger than my previous works (stranger than floating Islands, and mecha that are piloted by magic knights), I plan to tell a fanciful story created by the history of my own family. The Clarkson influenced by my father’s family, the Ekstedt are based upon my mothers. Others aspects of Nyla herself will be included with my experiences growing up, while also exploring aspects the stories I made up throughout my childhood. So in essences the Agaera novels are my way of creating something a bit zanier in design, while adhering to the established rules of magic.


Walk Between Shadows

In the town of Bellingham, Washington the mayoral elections are cut short at the death of one of the candidates, Richard Daniels. A prominent man in county politics, a beloved family man, and powerful figure for years in several circles. His ritualistic murder will break apart negotiations between the county, and the local Tsalemish First Nation. Set in the middle of this it all is Nyla Clarkson a young woman who acts as a mediator between the lands of mortals, and the mythical creatures known as the Fae hiding behind the scenes of the mundane world. Guided by a cockney speaking Fae gentleman named Jack O’Shadows, young Nyla will face a growing conspiracy that seeks to undo an ancient compact.

As a Fae Blood mortal, a Changeling, Nyla is able to walk between the shadows of both worlds. But her enemies will do whatever they can to prevent Nyla, Jack, or anyone else from their goals of breaking a centuries old contract dating back to ancient Britain.


Plans for Nyla

The Agaera novels will explore the life of the Fae in their exile in the realm of mortals. It will also show a side of the Fae that is only revealed when they live among humanity, and their attempts to exert control over a world slowly ceding to logic and away from magic. The series will focus not just on mysteries, and conspiracies, but the dark secrets lost to time when ancient Antediluvian Empires ruled the landscape. Atlantis, Lemuria, and Hyperborea were three of the ancient Empires that cast great chains upon mortalkind before being freed by rebels against their rulers the God-Kings.

For this very reason Nyla will face horrible entities such as the Thule Society, the hidden Alliance of Nations (a shadow UN), and a third entity known only as the Aracnum.

Feature image by JonathanDufresne