Nov & Dec 2017 Newsletter


Nov & Dec 2017 Newsletter

A month has passed and a small unexpected hiatus. This last month or so a lot of change in my life caused an abrupt shifted in my life. I have a new puppy as well as a new day job which has changed life enough for me to lose track of time. In particular, this has made it hard for me to concentrate on the work for DasWyrd. As such my work has been writing the last two chapters of the second part of The Fierce One.  Between that and the new job, there has been slow development all around.

LITS is active and will remain open as people work out their characters. Our Alpha has shown that the month before Nanowrimo was not the best time to conduct the Alpha. So we’ll be postponing the Alpha until after the Holidays.


Upcoming Articles this Month

  1. Darker Dungeons: The Power of Polities


Fictional Work

As a stress relief, I have been writing bits of fanfiction for the Whately Universe as part of an overwhelming amount of depression I felt this last month. Just now getting out of it has proven much harder than I originally assumed. The story which I’m simply calling “Scald-Crow” is another transgender focus story. The character herself through reckless selfless endangerment ends up bonded to a strange alien spirit.

Right now I’m posting small parts of the story on the forums for the first few major scenes. If I can get a long enough term muse for the story I plan on writing it out more thoroughly in between work on other projects.