November 2016 Newsletter


November 2016 Newsletter


The month has come, and we are at the precipice of one of the biggest moments in the existence of DasWyrd Press. We are about ready to launch our first novel to ever be released by our publisher. More than ten years worth of work and a long process from 2015 into 2016 has finally come to an end. There were and still are a few obstacles for us to overcome, but we are on our way to completing everything on our list.


October Event Round-Up

Here are the things that happened last month which were of importance!


Events in November

Here are the upcoming events in November!

  • Walk the Crossroads – Chevalier Models 11/11
  • Launch of ThreeFold Seer 11/16
  • Launch Party TBA
  • Das Blog – Urban Fantasy


November Reflections

This month is going to be a busy one as we complete everything we need to do for the launch of the book. Our EIN number is still in transit which will allow us to have Paperback and Hardbacks printed. Our epub and amazon formats are ready to go and we just need to make sure our distributor is set up. We will be doing these over the next few days as the month progresses.  Complications can arise, but we have a means to work around them as they appear and to adapt to them if they present themselves as complicated.


The Launch Party

Currently we are working out the plans for launch party for the book to be helding in DasWyrd’s hometown of Bellingham, WA! This will be open to all fans who want to come meet the author, discuss gender identity and more about the book itself! The venue is still in flux, but we hope to have the location figured out within a week or so.