November ThreeFold Update


November ThreeFold Update

In the Age of Spirit, the Goddesses walked the world.
Chiefest among their beloved followers were the people of the Shimmering Isles, whom the Goddess of Sea named Wave Riders
So grand were the works of the Wave Riders that they built shining cities with grand minarets, with golden and ivory palaces, and farmed spices sold across the Crescent.
Greatest of their Princes was the Ivory Lady, a powerful Shaman and Warrior.
The Ivory Lady was wise, and all trusted her judgement.
But no one knew the darkness that grew in her heart.

-Canticle of Ages

‘Morning to you’ as the Tribesmen of the Clouded Mountains say, and welcome to the November update on ThreeFold! After finishing up the basic world setting work in October we are dealing with a few minor issues. Right now is the middle of the major section of Publishing Classes here at Oxford Brookes University. So as the author I am trying to catch up in between the major assignments I’m facing. However, the good news is that we now have a few things in our favor.

  • We now have a production schedule!
  • We are considering a limited kickstarter run of hardbacks if we can meet our production times.
  • We are considering a physical commercial run, but we are having to figure out our budget for this!

Our current plans hinge upon feedback we are going to be asking for along the way. Once the initial draft is complete (at the moment its hovering just before the end of the second part) it will be given to our substantive / structural editor, and then to our beta readers. Part of the our hope is garner enough support and interest to make the book viable as we get closer and closer to completion. Much of the early design of the book and its world!


What stands before us

Once the first draft is complete its sent away for the next stage (substantive editing) which then means I’ll be spending time writing out the commission entries for the art we’ll be needing. Part of ThreeFold Seers is not only establishing the universe, but also the art that will allow us to create our brand. A lot of the early research and design of ThreeFold has been about creating a specific set of overtones. Creating the necessary art and symbols for that will be had pressed as our staff starts to discuss a publication date. If enough attention can be garnered we would love to see our books sold physically in a few select independent stores and online resources. Even more so, we would love to raise enough money to then begin funding our Press as a whole so we can tell more stories along the way!

Down the road you can expect the release of new material such as excerpts and early stills of the art design! We have a cover, three interlude images, and then at least two sketches for our appendices! If we can we’ll even try to release material on the languages and possibly a small gazetteer PDF featuring the world in general.