November Update on the Frontlist


November Update on the Frontlist

Two months ago we published a projected front list for our future imprint (that’s our publishing house 😀 in Publisher Lingo), and so far things are a bit behind. Most of this has had to deal with a few minor setbacks, and none of them luckily are related to the writing of Threefold Seer (which is at 47,000 words at this moment). The problem however, deals with my ability (the Editor-In-Chief) to balance classes and with the ongoing problems with planning out the production. Currently we are on schedule for production for first Threefold Seer Novel. We are however facing a few problems in the intervening months.


Building the Frontlist

For those not in the industry, the Frontlist is all the new upcoming novels we are developing. In this context a list being the list of titles we currently have. The only novels in our list currently is “Walk Between Shadows” which technically is part of the “Oak Cross” list we have. Now, if we are able to complete the publication of Threefold – Those Apart, we are to then dive straight into the development of the next novel, the writing of “Driftwood Soul”. I would love to jump into the next Nyla Novel, but it makes me wonder if there is time to do another free-release on our website.

I think in some cases, it would make more sense to jump into publishing Arrow Child as our next piece or possibly growing interest in getting a professional bit of work done for Walk Between Shadows. In either case this will go before the Staff of DasWyrd and we’ll have a final decision in the next few months (our current production takes precedent). My personal hope is to create a system where at least two books are published in a year. But that may have to be scaled back. Maybe aim for a book a year and then increase production pending what kind of resources we can get access too!

I would love to produce more free books to be accessible here on our site and that may be the future of the Nyla Series (with limited professional releases again pending resources and interest). Building the list in many cases has been about creating a brand and product that we enjoy, and that we hope others will also enjoy. That is far from easy to gauge and to be honest I’ve been going nutty worrying over it!


Re-ordering Plans

Rambling aside, I’m resetting priorities and plans for the future. At the moment our primary goal is the finishing of the typescript for Threefold Volume 1 and then moving onto general editing. Around that time once we hope to begin a general alpha or beta testing of Land in the Stars. This includes getting our general story created, and building the community which we hope will come to support DasWyrd in future endeavors. To DasWyrd our brand means diverse interesting stories, that hearken back to what we enjoyed as kids.

If we have time later this year we may publish a second book; pending our abilities to complete the first novel. With that in mind we’ll be considering any new additions and we should have a new projected production schedule for future projects set up in the coming months!