October 2016 Newsletter


October 2016 Newsletter

Hey, everyone! This past month has been very quiet from us here at DasWyrd Press and especially me. The crunch that occurred happened because of the project I needed to finish my master’s degree. This resulted in me having to push the completion of the epub, and focusing a lot of time on making sure it read correctly in design. Of course, some problems arose with the epub and I had to set aside the content on this site to move forward. But, this work was very important for the completion of the work don by DasWyrd as it gives us an extra level of legitimacy as a publishing house. We are independent, and in some cases that can be seen as bad, or as unprofessional. The stress to produce a quality product hinged greatly upon approval in part from the people I was learning from. So far my mentor loved the opening scene of the novel; the marketing head was impressed by our art, and one of the teachers on the major project loved the idea.

These compliments give us hope in this franchise and motivate me personally to do even better with the next novel. But without further ado, let us move forward with the changes that occurred this month!


October Article Round-Up

As October was a quiet month, our only big announcement in October was the release date for ThreeFold Seer on November 16th. The release itself will be important as we plan on setting it four days before the Transgender Day of Remembrance to mark our intent to spread further awareness of nonbinary characters. Most of the original plans for this month have been changed to the following month.


Content in October

October is another busy month that leads up to the wedding of my sister at the end. This means lots of running around to prepare for the big day, and also time spent with my family. That however, this means content will still be a bit minimal, as our primary focus will the kickstarter which will be running till the launch of the book itself. So our primary content for this month will be DasVlog, and a new Podcast about the magic of Tek in the LiTS universe. Our blog will thus be postponed until November close to the release of the novel itself.

Our Kickstarter campaign starts on the 16th of October, and there is a lot to prepare. We are currently in contact with a few local bookstores to finalize our tiers. The next big step will be of course the rewards and the overall logistics. Right now we are focusing on finding owners for the books of the kickstarter itself. Prizes may expand with stretch goals, but the more logistics to cover the more expensive the project will become. There is a lot we can do and a lot we can’t. Some decision still need to be made before be release the full campaign, but I will begin set up of the campaign soon.

The KickStarter opens on October 16th, a month before the book releases.


Project Updates

The completion current publishing project means that we turn our attention to the next. The next month will see me starting on the sequel to ThreeFold Seer Volume 1 and working further on the lore for Land in the Stars. These projects will come more to the forefront as the Kickstarter for Volume 1 winds down. However, for most of October our primary focus will be the release of the book in November, and the supplementary material we hope to publish a few months afterward. These include an expanded summary of the Crescent Tongue Language and eventually a dictionary of words from the language itself.