October 2017 Newsletter


October 2017 Newsletter

Fall is officially here as the time of the long nights return! Samhain is just around the corner and the Fae and our remembered past ones will soon return. Hello from DasWyrd your resident indie LGBT publisher who has a few practicing folkore buffs are ready to celebrate a few good old pagan holidays and more! With fall comes updated plans and changes as we move slowly into the chilling months of winter.


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Upcoming Articles

  1. Darker Dungeons: The Empire
  2. Alpha Begins – LITS


Soft Opening for LITS

Land in the Stars will officially begin its official soft opening on the 25th of October. On the 23rd we will open the game officially to newcomers who wish to join the community and submit applications. We expect to see a few open threads start around the end of the month and the story of the game begun!

You can find out more about the game here at the Getting Started Guide.